Finally updated to v1_1. Mostly small edits and adding a price tag. If you have the original version, there are no major differences.

When I initially made this game I always intended to charge for it. But when it came time to do the proofreading, I just didn't feel like doing it. So, I decided to release it for free instead of editing it. 

What made me decide to finally revisit this project? No More Heroes 3 came out. And I'm just feeling better mentally.

Re-reading it, I'm still very happy with this project. The random tables are fun, and the combat system is pretty neat. I hope other people dig it too.


assassination street v1_1 (singles).pdf 173 kB
Sep 11, 2021
assassination street v1_1 (spreads).pdf 171 kB
Sep 11, 2021
assassination street v1_1 (text).txt 11 kB
Sep 11, 2021


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