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This is a pamphlet supplement & adventure for fantasy tabletop RPGs. You roll dice to create a tower of random stores with random events at each floor. It's good for a light side diversion, or can be ran as a one-shot. 

The creature stats in the pamphlet are for Knave. You could easily replace those with stats from any other game. The core experience isn't system specific.

*Now includes an additional sheet for Troika! compatible NPCs, plus a bonus background!

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13 Story Bazaar is an independent production by Jonathan Dersch and is not affiliated with the Melsonian Arts Council.


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Finally ran this using Troika! rules. It turned out great! I think the players had just as much fun as I did running it. 


"When meeting someone for the first time you mayTest your Luck. If successful they are related to you." HAHAHAHAHA!

Just downloaded, planning to run in Troika. Glad you note the appearance on Vintage RPG podcast. That's where I heard of it. Troika seems perfect for this content. Fun!


I ran this using Troika rules and really enjoyed it!! Highly recommend, has given me a lot of ideas of my own for the system. 


Ok this looks fantastic, like a mini-Gardens of Ynn style of generating linear adventure