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Created for Folklore Jam.  This game is based on the urban legend that Wright Patterson Air force base had the ship from the Roswell UFO incident.

This is a tabletop RPG that uses cards instead of dice. The mechanics are inspired by Blades in the Dark.  The settings is inspired by the aforementioned urban legend, but also a bit of Earthbound.

I consider this game a prototype for now, I'd like to flesh it out more.

Let me know what you think of the game in the comments or on twitter (https://twitter.com/JonathanDersch)

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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GenreCard Game, Role Playing
TagsAliens, Tabletop role-playing game


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A very cool game where you play as aliens on the run, journeying across USA to find parts of their spaceship. The aliens have psychic powers to help them through difficult situations. The characters can have a number of different disguises, but I imagine them to be just kids (maybe it's due to the cover image), like ET or other 80s films where the young protagonists save the day. I also love the card mechanics that utilise both the number and the suits.