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Hundreds of years after climate change killed humanity, the cryptids inherited the Earth. Living in the area once known as Loveland, Ohio are the Frogfolk. Not as strong or sophisticated as other new societies, their success can be attributed to their teamwork. Within their village each Frog is a member of a guild. Some are craftsmen, others provide services, but all are equally important in the survival of the village.

You are a member of the Gatherers Guild. It’s your job to venture out of the village, gather supplies, explore ancient ruins, and communicate with other factions.

  • Complete system + adventuring location + dungeon
  • Unique advancement system encourages exploration and gathering over fighting
  • Setting inspired by legendary creatures of Ohio and surrounding states
  • Be a cute frog person!

Writing by https://twitter.com/JonathanDersch

Check out this character sheet by @DreamingKipai 

LOVELAND: East Marshes is a hexcrawl adventure location. 12 hexes, a new one added each month, 1 year of adventures!


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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How many players is this game for? Does it use dice? What kind?

One GM and 2-5 players. Uses the full set of polyhedral dice.



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LOVELAND is a sworddream/osr style game where you play as cute frog people in the post-apocalyptic Loveland, Ohio. You are frogfolk gatherers who venture out of your village to explore and gather supplies. On your way, you will encounter other different cryptids, and you may fight or befriend them. I can see lots of work has been put into developing the setting. I like the four main cryptid factions, with all of them distinct to one another. It is interesting to know about the multiple guilds in the frogfolk village. I love the included map of Loveland, and how human buildings are re-contextualised for the cryptids. The hospital dungeon is eerie and alien (for a frog), with creepy auto-nurses roaming its empty halls. The artwork is fantastic, with detailed drawings that has a certain old school charm.